Five generations of extra virgin olive oil producers, committed to the integral care of nature and life.


A new way of understanding the countryside.

A new way of understanding the countryside.

A different place, close and open to everyone; well-being in the shade of an olive grove. We believe in a new form of farming, that of care, supported by an olive grove that offers regenerating experiences for body and mind through its oil and derivatives, in a completely natural environment.


An environment with soul, Mediterranean essence in a natural enclave, restorative and full of nuances.

The origins of our estate date back to the 18th century. Five generations linked to Macastre. A land full of carob trees, almond trees, vineyards, wheat, barley and of course, a beautiful olive grove.

Our father gave it its essence back and consolidated our current estate. The last generations have been in charge of continuing the history by recovering autochthonous varieties, improv-ing the harvesting processes and transforming the management of their crops to organic.

The Olenda tribe

María y María José

We are a family and a group of friends who care about the protection and sustainability of the fields inherited from previous generations. Our mission is to help everyone who visits us to feel part of nature again and to remember what it was like to live without noise. Will you join us? Let us tell you who is behind Olenda.


We are Martin and María, a married couple, half Irish, half Valencian, with two little ones.

Our olive grove has been in María’s family for more than five generations. A few years ago we decided to commit ourselves to the land and agriculture as an inheritance for our children. This project arose from our passion, enthusiasm and a deep need to change, a desire to do things differently. Along the way, our lives changed, making us return to our roots, to the essence.

María José

It is the second column on which the Olenda project is based.

He’s a person determined to make a mark. Originally from Macastre, she shares with the rest of the Olenda tribe the need to promote and work for rural areas. In 2022, he joined forces with the Hayes Ortiz family in the direction and management of experiences and activities.


A team that combines heart, body and soul

A fundamental part of our project are the people who accompany us in each of our activities. Introducing the Olenda team, a group of people who are passionate about holistic health and caring for the environment.


Mindfulness, Thaïs Capella

A pioneer in the practice of mindfulness in Valencia, authentic and unique as a teacher. She was one of the first people to believe in our project. She runs day retreats at the estate, both open to the general public and private, for clients of the Psyke Centre. Her sessions are in both Spanish and English.

  • Director of the Psyke Centre.
  • Psychologist and certified instructor in the MBSR Programme by the University of Massachusetts.
  • Lecturer in the Master’s Degree in General Psychology.
  • Healthcare assistant at the University of Valencia. She collaborates with other universities in research studies on the effects of the MBSR pro-gramme on disorders such as anxiety and depression.


Javier, Director of the Valencian School of Nordic Walking, is in charge of introducing this wonderful sport that connects physical and emotional care and well-being.

  • Nordic Walking Instructor by C.A.E.Dep – Generalitat Valenciana.
  • INWA Instructor. Trainer Modern Nordic Walking Academy. FEMECV Nordic Walking Referee.
  • Director of the Valencian School of Nordic Walking.
  • Trails Technician. Owner of DTMN (Nordic Walking Tourist Destinations).
  • Head of the Tourism and Mountain Area of the FEMECV Nordic Walking Committee.
  • Collaborator of the MNxSALUD Project of the Montanejos Spa.

Yoga, Ruth Peralta

Great professionals are recognised not only by their knowledge but also by the passion they have for what they do. The combination of Ruth with nature and yoga is just magical and will never cease to thrill you and amaze you.

  • Specialised in yoga adapted to all levels.
  • Certified Yoga Instructor RYS 200 hours in Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness.
  • Certified in Yoga Vinyasa Flow, Yoga adapted to pregnancy and postpartum and Air Yoga.

YOGA, Sandi Awwad

Sandi is one of those people with a special aura. A specialist in a combination of Hatha and Baptiste yoga, she uniquely selects breathing exercises according to the age and needs of the group. She instructs both children and teenagers, as well as English speaking adults.

  • Yoga instructor for 11 years.
  • She has worked in educational and sports centres in the United States, Palestine and Spain.
  • Yoga Instructor, yoga teacher, yoga therapy Yoga Vinyasa school, Olive tree yoga foundation.

AOVE Spain, plataform

The AOVE SPAIN platform aims to bring Spanish EVOO to professionals and homes all over the world, as well as to introduce EVOO in all kinds of dishes, and teach how to cook with it.

Its olive oil tasting room is at the disposal of our experiences and visitors in order to promote the culture and diversity of Spanish EVOOs.


Dani, the EVOO chef, is responsible for inspiring and designing new dishes for the tastings of our experiences, events and showcookings. Innovative recipes in which EVOO has a privileged place. 

  • Executive Chef of the Gourmet de la Roja (RFEF) and National Delegate of the Spanish Nation-al Professional Cooking Team.
  • Specialist in EVOO research in gastronomy and cuisine R&D (Gastrolive lab).


María is in love with the countryside, olive trees and EVOO. She is responsible for managing the olive groves and conducting the tastings. She transmits the same passion and uniqueness with which she cares for her olive trees when she explains the wonders of EVOOs.

  • Her training in sensory analysis began at the end of 2017 and continues today under the guid-ance of María Luisa Ruiz, head of the Official Tasting Panel of the Valencian Community, at the Valencia Agri-Food Laboratory.
  • She has taken tasting courses with the International University of Andalusia, at the Úbeda and Baeza branch campuses, with Intercoop Consultoría, as well as with the Centro de Interpretación, Olivar y Aceite de Baeza, among others.

Events & Local and Cultural Management

She is our head of marketing, protocol and event management, and you will be able to meet her at any of our experiences.

  • Thanks to her academic background in Political Science and her experience in local manage-ment and cultural management, as a theatre producer and contemporary art promoter, our experiences have an exceptional and innovative touch with cultural events in the area she knows best, her own town, Macastre.
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