Slow down, come and enjoy the rural areas.

We suggest you spend a day with us. Start with a workshop around the olive farm, become a farmer for a day, taste different olive oils, savour typical local dishes and enjoy whatever happens at that moment in your new village, Macastre.

What does include?

  • Bus from Valencia to the olive farm and back
  • Beautiful walk through the olive grove
  • Workshop: olive marinated olives (October), Olive Harves (November)
  • EVOO tasting & Valencian “Almuerzo”
  • Lunch with typical products and wines of the area.

What is it?

At our farm and in our village you will stop time and slow the pace of city life.

We invite you to be part of Macastre through different events, field workshops and tasting our popular gastronomy. Learn how to pickle olives and take part in a day of olive harvesting.

Take home the best souvenir of your new village.


Participate and get to know the country life/farming up close. Feel what it is like to have a village in Spain. Enjoy local traditions and culture in a different way.

What do you need?

Breathable clothing and comfortable footwear for walking in the countryside and for the corresponding season of the year.

Special price for children & groups

20€ (from 6 to 12 years old inclusive). Check price from the second sibling onwards and for groups (minimum 5).

Upcoming Dates

  • 1st & 21st October. Olive marinade
  • 4th & 12th November. Olive harvest.


Schedule: 10.00 am to 16.30 pm

Upcoming dates: 1st & 21st October and 4th & 12th November

Difficulty level: Suitable for all ages

Language: Spanish or English

Optional: Consúltanos sobre transporte y paquetes para grupos.

Meeting point: Avenida Jacinto Benavente, 23, Valencia

55 per person

Booking form

CEVOO Tasting and tasting menu


  • Peppermint gazpacho

  • Vegatable path Bagel 

  • Trempó Coca

  • Carrot hummus with spicy paprika and crudites

  • Ratatouille tartlet with cold meats

  • Caramelised pepper, goat’s cheese and marinated loin slices

  • Yoghurt with honey, nuts, granny smith apple, carob chocolate and extra virgin olive oil


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