Connect with the earth and your five senses.

Enjoy the magic of yoga in the middle of an olive grove and learn how to take care of yourself with our Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs) and tastings.

What does include?

  • Round trip by bus from Valencia to the olive farm.
  • Yoga class among olive trees.
  • Workshop: the olive grove and its varieties.
  • EVOO tasting.
  • Lunch among olive trees (3 starters, main course and dessert) – Consult the menu*.

What is it?

At Olenda you can find different types and levels of yoga (Hatha Yoga, Yoga Vinyasa Flow, Yoga adapted to pregnancy and postpartum and Air Yoga).


The practice of yoga invites us to live an experience from the external world to the deepest part of our inner self, balancing body and mind through breathing, postures and mindfulness. This ancient discipline will help you connect with your strength, fluidity and mental limits to expand your consciousness. Yoga is union: body, mind and spirit. It is the search for balance, love and gratitude towards the flow of life.

What do you need?

Bring your own mat and don’t worry if you don’t have one, we will rent you one for a small fee. It is important to bring clothes and footwear suitable for yoga and for walking and being in the countryside in the corresponding season of the year..


Schedule: From 9.30 to 16.30h

Upcoming dates: May - dates coming soon

Difficulty level: Begginners, intermediary and advanced. Consult us

Language: Spanish *Consult us for English

Optional: Consúltanos sobre ludoteca, transporte y paquetes para grupos.

Meeting point: Avenida Jacinto Benavente, 23. 46005 Valencia

55 per person

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CEVOO Tasting and tasting menu


  • Peppermint gazpacho

  • Vegatable path Bagel 

  • Trempó Coca

  • Carrot hummus with spicy paprika and crudites

  • Ratatouille tartlet with cold meats

  • Caramelised pepper, goat’s cheese and marinated loin slices

  • Yoghurt with honey, nuts, granny smith apple, carob chocolate and extra virgin olive oil


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