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Stand out, build loyalty and make your clients and team ‘fall in love’ with you in an incomparable environment.

A happy team makes an effective and efficient company. Companies know this and caring for interpersonal relationships at a professional level is nowadays one of the priorities in the busi-ness sector. The pandemic only accelerated this process and now, more than ever, we need to meet in a safe and relaxed space, to reconnect and work together towards a common goal.


Would you like to link your business to a brand that is committed to the environment?

If you need new ways to motivate and reward your team, Olenda offers a blank platform: our estate and its experiences. You can tailor the experience to your team’s needs and don’t worry, we’ll make sure the experience is transformative. Contact us at



Does your company need a change?

Link your business to a brand committed to the territory and the environment. Find new ways to motivate or reward your team. Offer your customers caring experiences.

Olenda offers you a blank platform: our estate and its experiences so that you can decide how to provide your services. You will be able to design an activity for your team or your clientele according to your needs.


Today is the day to reconnect and take care of yourself.