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27 de February de 2023

Spain is different for everything.

Did you know that we have extra virgin olive oil producers in almost all the Spanish territory?

As you know, Spain is a world-renowned destination as far as gastronomy is concerned. However, if there is one key element in this gastronomy it is, without a doubt, extra virgin olive oil. It is the indisputable pillar of our acclaimed “Mediterranean diet” and an almost essential ingredient in any recipe or dish with Spanish roots.

But olive oil does not belong exclusively to the south of Spain or the Mediterranean coast. Other parts of Spain also produce quality oils and have a strong tradition around this “liquid gold”.

That is why in this new stage we want to introduce you to two new regions with spectacular olive oils. We will introduce you and take your senses to enjoy the aromas that come from Cáceres and Zaragoza, to finish, of course, in the east of Spain with a small producer from the north of Castellón.

vieru aceite 43
Vieru AOVE Ecológico

Producer: Almazara As Pontis

Name of the EVOO: Vieru Aove Ecológico

Location: Cáceres

Variedad: Manzanilla Cacereña

History: AS Pontis, an oil mill and Vieru, an oil, have become the gastronomic treasure of Extremadura, not only because of their numerous national and international awards, but above all because of a new way of highlighting the infinite possibilities of the Manzanilla Cacereña variety and its territory.

Vieru AOVE Ecológico has won several awards in the sector. Its Director, Miguel Carrasco, attributes this success to the team and is clear when he comments that “Behind a bottle of Vieiru there are 2,000 people behind it doing their job well”.

Location: It is located in the town of Eljas, in the heart of the Sierra de Gata. Vieiru is the fruit of a unique location. It is located in a corner of the Sierra de Gata cultural park, the Val de Us Tres Lugaris, a valley made up of the villages of Eljas, San Martín de Trevejo and Valverde del Fresno. A valley of mountains, water and olive groves where this spectacular Extra Virgin Olive Oil is born..

EVOO characteristics: We are presented with the “Manzanilla Cacereña” variety, typical of Extremadura and protected by the “Gata-Hurdes” Denomination of Origin. It is part of the Manzanilla family, in this family they share a double use, as table olives and for the production of oil. It is a yellow-greenish coloured EVOO, of great stability and purity whose aroma reminds us of green olives, grass and green leaves, green banana, apple and tomato.

olivares sierra de gata vieiru 2 1
Olivares As Pontis

goldlis v

Producer: Aceites Lis

Territory: Ribera baja del Ebro, Zaragoza

Variety: 80% Arbequina, 20% Arbosana

History: Aceites Lis is a name of its own in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil sector.

The starting point of the mill was the transformation of olives, grown in the province of Zaragoza, into a differentiated extra virgin olive oil.

When nature unites with agricultural innovation and the good work of man’s hand, products such as Goldlis oil are born. An oil that leaves no one indifferent to those who try it and whose difference can be appreciated with every taste.

Location: The vast majority of the olive groves are located in the municipalities of the Ribera Baja del Ebro. Olive groves irrigated by the Ebro River and rocked by the wind..

Characteristics of the EVOO: Goldlis is made with 80 percent arbequina variety and 20 percent arbosana variety. It is a premium extra virgin olive oil with a difference, due to the arbosana variety, which provides complexity and aromas of tomato and fennel, combined with the arbequina variety which gives it that magnificent balance, making it an elegant extra virgin olive oil.

composicion fondo gold lis 1024x600 2
Quality, elegance and flavor


Producer: Varona la Vella

Location: Sant Mateu, Castellón

Variety: Morrut

Origin: Pablo Pascual, agronomist engineer, leads this project that went from being a simple dream to a consolidated and successful reality. His mill began production in 2017, producing high quality extra virgin olive oil.

In addition to its oils we highlight their high quality, a design based on the origin, culture, landscape and craftsmanship.

The range of single-varietal oils is inspired by cultural and landscape elements typical of the region. The dry stone walls, plant motifs such as the Santolina or the pine trees located on the estate itself, as well as the long tradition of wool craftsmanship.

Pure olive juice, full of notes and nuances, a gift from nature.

Location: Its olive groves are located in the municipality of Sant Mateu, on the slopes of the La Bastida mountain, at an average altitude of 370 metres above sea level, facing southwest and covering an area of 18 hectares, of which 12 hectares are dedicated to olive growing.

Characteristics of the EVOO: Of its monovarietals, the Morruda or Morrut is one of the five main native varieties of the Valencian Community. The word morrut refers to the morphology of the fruit, with a pronounced nipple in the shape of a snout. This oil is characterised by its potency in the mouth, complexity and richness in vegetal notes.

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