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9 de May de 2022

Let’s start by getting to know each other. What is Olenda and who is behind it?

We present our project: an innovative company in rural areas based on the culture of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

The fusion between oil, which refers to the olive tree and the essence extracted from it, the oil; and offering, as the action of giving, offering and caring, results in Olenda: a project full of passion, illusion, which has been harmonised with the best extra virgin olive oils.

The project is based on a circle of care, physical and emotional well-being of people and care and recovery of the environment. We enhance the value of an olive grove that has belonged to our family for five generations with a holistic vision that goes beyond the agricultural management of the estate.

We want to transmit to all those who visit us the love for the land and the cultivation of the olive tree that our parents and grandparents have passed on to us through their experience as farmers. But we also want to offer you a unique experience of care and encounter with yourselves in the heart of nature.

We are aware of the evils that plague our society. We have too much noise around us. Fear, uncertainty and stress have become regular companions in our daily lives. The wellness proposal we bring you is presented as a healthy alternative, a natural antidote to regain calm, security and wellbeing at all levels.

Our aim has been to combine the benefits that care and contact with nature provide us with activities that seek our physical and emotional balance. The result is regenerating experiences for body and mind in which you can safely disconnect, enjoy silence, contact with the earth, exercise in the mountains, the balance you feel when practising yoga among olive trees, meditation in the heart of nature, the aromas of the countryside and the flavours of the best extra virgin olive oils.

Olenda wellness implies a holistic care of people from three points of view: body, mind, world.


“Mens sana in corpore sano”. Coming from an olive grove, our care could not but start with the body and what better guru to follow than the protagonist of the Mediterranean diet, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

Exceptional fusion experiences, unique sporting activities, showcookings (live culinary demonstrations) and EVOO tastings in settings and spaces that will not leave you indifferent.

Getting to know EVOO and making it an ally in the kitchen leads us to a conscious and healthy diet. If we add to this a physical activity in the middle of nature, alone or with the family, we will achieve one of the objectives of Olenda’s wellbeing. Don’t forget that thanks to our playroom you can come with your children and enjoy your experience while they enjoy theirs.


Los seres humanos somos seres complejos cuyos cuerpos están intrínsecamente unidos a sus mentes y a sus emociones. Continuamos cerrando el círculo de cuidado. Es el turno de nuestra voz interior, nuestra mente y nuestras emociones.

Human beings are complex beings whose bodies are intrinsically linked to their minds and emotions. We continue to close the circle of care. It is the turn of our inner voice, our mind and our emotions.

Our own personal experience; work, family, economic crises, covid, illnesses, losses, together with all those people and tools that helped us to turn these crises into a way of learning and overcoming them, is what led us to design the “Mind” experiences at Olenda, a place with everything necessary to accompany you in your search for personal balance; nature, mindfulness activities with a playroom for the little ones. Experiences that allow you to take care of yourself in order to continue taking care of yourself. A helping hand where you can pick yourself up and come out stronger.


Where would we be if our bodies and minds were alive and full but had no space in which to expand, no environment in which to develop. If we look through articles, reviews or news items in the media, it is probably not difficult to find references to the need many people are experiencing to return to rural, open and safe areas, to the longing for lives with more peaceful rhythms, or to the concern about the disconnection our children show with mother nature.

To close our circle of care, we wanted to contemplate a proposal that addresses this shared concern, thus creating the “Mundo” activities. A fusion of nature, agriculture, culture and traditions.

Family outings, where young and old can become farmers for a day, learn about the main varieties of olive trees on the estate and the benefits of local crops (carob trees, almond trees, aromatic herbs). Unique tastings to discover local and seasonal products and their uses in the kitchen. Forest restoration workshops through which to appreciate the fragility of a natural ecosystem in the face of human actions.

Finally, it remains for us to tell you who is behind this care. There is a big family, made up of the people who always carry us in the palm of their hand, by those who love their people and their culture, who believe in new projects and who share the idea of breaking with the phrase “this is what there is”, by the producers of AOVEs, who have believed in our philosophy “the best tide is the one that rises in all boats” and by all the professionals who collaborate in this project and who excite and nourish everyone who listens to them and follows them.

Now that you know what Olenda means and who is behind its branches, all you have to do is look for the care you need. We are waiting for you.

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