Feel the countryside in the city

Enjoy the sensations of the olive grove in the metropolis. Disconnect, enjoy and have fun in a different way.

What is it?

In this experience, we offer you a unique opportunity to get to know our city from a culinary and cultural perspective. Our EVOO is much more than an ingredient; it is a symbol of our identity and passion. We invite you to a multi-sensory journey that fuses the flavours of olive oil with the most unique activities in the city.


  • Take part in a fun activity in the city
  • Learn how to taste spectacular evoos.
  • Taste innovative recipes with olive oil as the main ingredient.

What activities does include?

  • Urban Nordic Walking: the perfect synergy between exercise and culinary enjoyment. The Nordic Walking will take you to discover the city in an active way, while the EVOO tastings and gastronomic delights will highlight the authentic flavours of our Mediterranean diet. Includes:
    • Nordic walking introductory workshop
    • Nordic walking session
    • Nordic walking poles
    • Accident insurance
  • Art & EVOO Discover a unique experience that combines culture, art and gastronomy in a single tour.

What do you need?

Sports clothing and footwear for Nordic walking and for walking in the countryside in the corresponding season of the year. It is not necessary to have Nordic walking poles, but if you have them you can bring them with you.


Schedule: From 19.00 to 23.00

Upcoming dates: Back in Febreuary 2024. Dates very soon!

Difficulty level: Begginners

Language: Spanish or English

Optional: With the reservation we will specify the location of the meeting point

Meeting point: It will be established by activity

59 per person

Booking form

CEVOO Tasting and tasting menu


  • Peppermint gazpacho

  • Vegatable path Bagel 

  • Trempó Coca

  • Carrot hummus with spicy paprika and crudites

  • Ratatouille tartlet with cold meats

  • Caramelised pepper, goat’s cheese and marinated loin slices

  • Yoghurt with honey, nuts, granny smith apple, carob chocolate and extra virgin olive oil


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